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Until August 2018, I managed Port Campbell Press, the digital distribution division of Dennis Jones & Associates, looking after more than 1600 eBooks and 550 print-on-demand titles on behalf of almost 500 independent Australian publishers and authors. With the unfortunate demise of DJA I saw a need for a replacement company to try to assist these publishers and authors make their digital books available again as quickly as possible, and so was born Ebook Alchemy.

Meet the Team

(currently I am the team...)

Andrew Farrell

Founder & Director

Voracious reader, inveterate dabbler.

I was drawn into the publishing industry 35+ years ago, fresh from completing an economics degree at Monash (majors in econometrics and music), and have been there ever since.

From retail experience in my parents' bookshop to almost quarter of a century with Pan Macmillan Australia, from Sales Representative to Product & Operations Director - covering local and international sales and marketing, inventory management, sales budgeting and forecasting, database and distribution systems, shipping, website creation and management, eCommerce and ePublishing.

Almost eight years with Dennis Jones & Associates, distributors for a wide range of Australian independent publishers and self-published authors. I looked after Port Campbell Press, the digital publishing and distribution division, and had a lot of fun playing with metadata and the internal workings of eBooks and eBook distribution.

Now owner of Ebook Alchemy, same sort of stuff as Port Campbell Press, currently managing more than 1000 eBooks and 1000 print-on-demand titles for around fifty independent Australian publishers and authors, and now starting on Audiobook distribution as well.

I do a little eBook creation on the side as well, which I see as a lovely mash-up of web design, reading, and computer gaming, three of my favourite pastimes in one fun package.

eBook publishing
ONIX and book metadata systems
Print-on-demand management
Stock management
Database systems
Social Networking
Sales Analysis